Hương Ngô is a interdisciplinary artist born as a refugee and based everywhere. Her work explores the possibilities and problematics of nomadism, the decolonial gesture, and collective resistance. She was a fellow at the Whitney Independent Study Program and recently received the Fulbright U.S. Scholars Grant to travel and realize a project in Vietnam.

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Invisible Flâneuse
2015 (in progress)

Ultra Flâneuse is a series of protective forms meant to aid the wanderer. Constructed to be worn and serve as housing, while also doomed for failure, they explore romantic notions of the nomad, which are often overly designed and sold as luxury goods, while the lives of practicing nomads have become increasingly difficult as stateless, landless, and thus precarious people refuse to integrate into wage-earning, state-run societies. Flâneuse is a feminization of flâneur, an archetypal character from 19th century French literature known for strolling urban and newly modernized spaces. Because women were never characterized in this position, the flâneuse, like the nomad, is a paradox — present, but invisible.

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